Keeping it clean: CPAP hygiene

Daily cleaning

  • Mask:

    Remove the mask/nasal pillows from the headgear. Clean with warm, soapy water. Rinse. Air dry.

  • Tubing:

    Wash in warm soapy water, then rinse and air dry.

  • Humidifier:
    1. Empty the humidifier and let it air dry.
    2. Change the water in the humidifier.
    3. Always use distilled water in the humidifier to avoid mineral deposit build-up.

Weekly cleaning

  • Filter:

    Clean the gray/black foam filter in your machine with warm soapy water. Rinse. Allow to dry. Reinstall.

  • Headgear:

    Wash headgear by hand with warm, soapy water. Rinse and let air dry.

  • Machine:

    Wipe the machine with a soft, damp cloth.

  • Humidifier:

    Clean the humidifier chamber with white vinegar to prevent mold growth. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with distilled or sterile water before using the humidifier.

Monthly cleaning

  • Filter:

    Replace the white disposable filter (if applicable).


There are also a variety of products designed to clean CPAP parts and supplies more easily.