Flexi Foam Nasal Cushion and Silicone Seal Kit

Flexi Foam Nasal Cushion and Silicone Seal Kit

Fisher & Paykel

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This kit contains both the foam and silicone cushion for the Fisher & Paykel HC407 Nasal Mask. The foam cushion is also sold separately elsewhere on our site.

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Component Suggested Schedule
Full Face Mask 3 months
Full Face Cushion 1 month
Nasal Mask 3 months
Nasal Cushion 2 weeks
Nasal Pillows Mask 3 months
Nasal Pillows Cushion 2 weeks
Headgear 6 months
Chinstrap 6 months
Tubing/Heated 3 months
Disposable Filter (ultra-fine) 2 weeks
Resuable Filter (pollen) 6 months
Water Chamber 6 months

*Suggested replacement schedule is based on manufacturer's recommended guidelines. Some components may need to be replaced earlier.