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AirMini Cleaning


Maintenance and inspection 

  1.  Regular inspection of the mask and its components for signs of damage is important to maintain optimal mask performance.
  2. For a thorough inspection, you should first disassemble the mask as per instructions in the user guide and inspect each part individually.
    Checking the mask frame and tube
  3. Examine both the inside and outside of the mask tubing for any holes or tears. If damage is found, the frame will need to be replaced.
  4. Hold the frame and gently pull on each arm of the mask to ensure they are firmly attached so they can provide good support.
    Checking the nasal pillows
  5. Examine the nasal pillows inside and out for general wear and tear, blockages, damage and deformed pillows.
  6. A light squeeze on the sides of deformed pillows can help bring them back to shape. Replace them if they are damaged or no longer fit well.
    Checking the headgear
  7. Hold the headgear in one hand and run your other hand along its length. Stretch the headgear at various points to check for tears and test elasticity.
  8. If the headgear has damaged seams, is torn or has lost its elasticity, it should be replaced.