After ordering, how long does it take to for items to ship?

We try to ship all orders by the following business day. Standard shipping usually takes 3-5 business days.

Will my insurance cover any items for sale on BreathePro.com?

BreathePro.com is not contracted with any Insurance Networks and cannot comment on the individual coverage of your plan; however, you can download your invoice and seek reimbursement for your purchases from your Insurance Provider.

Can I return items I do not want?

Yes! BreathePro.com accepts returns on all unopened products within 30 days of the original ship date. Submit your request for return and we will send you, via email, a Return Number and Shipping Address. When we have received the items we will process your return. For more information on our Return Policy.

I am new to Positive Airway Pressure therapy, what do I need?

You will need a machine that can provide your prescribed therapy, either a CPAP or BiLevel machine. Auto devices allow the machine to adjust therapy pressure levels throughout the night while straight or “regular” CPAP/BiLevel machines are set to a specific pressure as prescribed by your Physician.

What’s the difference between full face, nasal, and nasal pillow CPAP masks?

There a variety of CPAP masks designed to provide therapy in the most comfortable manner.

Full Face CPAP masks provide therapy by covering the mouth and nose.

Nasal CPAP masks provide therapy by creating a seal over the nose.

Nasal Pillows CPAP masks provide therapy by fitting gently against the nostrils.

If you are unsure which CPAP mask type is right for you, check out our questionnaire for help. It is important to always consult your Physician when considering any change to your therapy.

How do I clean my PAP machine and supplies?

Many soaps and detergents contain ingredients that can increase the breakdown of your mask or cause skin irritation. Use alcohol and latex free detergents. BreathePro.com offers a variety of cleaning soaps and wipes that are safe to use on your CPAP mask and supplies.

Do I need to create an account?

An account must be created when purchasing Prescription-required items. Prescriptions are verified using account details and subsequently linked to that account. 

How do I submit a Prescription?

  • Option 1: Fax Your Prescription
    • 1 (888) 496-3160
  • Option 2: Email Your Prescription
    • info@breathepro.com

All Prescriptions must include:

  • Full Name (matching BreathePro account information)
  • Date of Birth
  • Prescribed items
  • Physician Signature / E-Signature
  • Physician Contact Information