AirMini™ AutoSet
AirMini™ AutoSet
AirMini™ AutoSet
AirMini™ AutoSet
AirMini™ AutoSet

AirMini™ AutoSet


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Small - Smart - Proven
Weighing less than a pound, AirMini™ AutoSet is ResMed's smallest Auto CPAP available today. Paired with the companion app AirMini™ by ResMed, tracking and adjusting your therapy has never been easier!​

Effective Waterless Humidification

Enjoy the comfort of humidification without the hassle. AirMini features HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus, a waterless humidification system that allows you to leave the distilled water at home and still enjoy the benefits of humidification.

 * Currently not available when using full face masks

Fully Integrated System

AirMini is specially designed to work as an integrated system. Choose a compatible mask and setup pack to go along with your AirMini to enjoy high-quality therapy no matter where life takes you.

Convenient Control with the AirMini App

You can control the AirMini from your smart device with the AirMini app. Simply download, connect via Bluetooth and enjoy access to a range of comfort settings that will help you get a restful night's sleep.

Compatible Masks:

  • AirFit™ P10 for AirMini
  • AirFit™ N20
  • AirFit™ F20
  • AirTouch™ F20
  • AirFit™ F30

What's Included:

  • AirMini AutoSet CPAP Machine
  • 20W Power Supply
  • Filter Cover
  • Disposable Filter
  • Drawstring Bag


For more information about AirMini setup, use, cleaning, and maintenance visit our product support page.


Technical Specifications:

  • Machine Dimensions: 5.4 in L x 3.3 in W x 2.1 in H (13.7cm L x 8.4 cm W x 5.3 cm H)
  • Machine Weight: 0.66 lbs (10.56 oz)
  • AirMini Air Outlet: 16mm inner diameter
  • AirMini Tubing - Length: 6 ft 2 in
  • AirMini Tubing - Inner Diameter: 15mm
  • AirMini Power Supply Cord Length: 6 ft
  • AirMini Power Supply Weight: .45 lbs (7.2 oz)
  • AirMini HumidX Module Weight: .012 lbs (.20 oz)
  • P10 Nasal Pillow Mask Setup Pack Weight (With Tubing): .238 lbs (3.8 oz)
  • F20 Full Face Mask Setup Pack Weight (With Tubing): .416 lbs (6.7 oz)
  • N20 Nasal Mask Setup Pack Weight (With Tubing): .322 lbs (5.2 oz)
  • Dimensions - AirMini Power Supply (Without Cord): 3.5 in L x 1.4 in W x 2 in H
  • Operating Pressure Range: 4 to 20 cm H2O (0.2 cm increments)
  • Sound - Pressure Level: 30 dBA
  • Sound - Power Level: 38 dBA
  • AC Input Range: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Typical Power Consumption: 6.3 W
  • Standby Power Consumption: 1 W
  • Operating Temperature: +41 degree F to +95 degree F (+5 degree C to +35 degree C)
  • Operating Humidity: 10 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Operating Altitude: Sea level to 8,500 ft
  • Storage and Transport Temperature: -13 degree F to +158 degree F (-25 degree C to +70 degree C)
  • Storage and Transport Humidity: 5 to 95% relative humidity, non condensing
  • Warranty - Mask Systems: 90 days
  • Warranty - AirMini Device: 2 years
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