DreamStation Go Overnight Battery Pack

DreamStation Go Overnight Battery Pack


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Compact and lightweight
If you plan on traveling off the power grid, DreamStation Go's overnight battery can help you stay committed to your therapy. DreamStation Go set at 10cm of pressure displayed an average run time of 13 hours* when running off the DreamStation Go overnight battery. Note: Battery run times may vary due to higher CPAP pressure settings, excessiove mask leakage, altitude, temperature, charging devices with USB port and others.


  • DreamStation Go CPAP
  • DreamStation Go Auto CPAP

Technical Information:

  • Weight: 696g (1.53lb)
  • Run Time: > 8 hours
  • Output voltage: 18-24.6 VDC
  • Battery technology: Lithium Ions
  • Input voltage rate: 100-240 VAC, 50/60HZ, 2.0-1.0A
  • Output power: 50W
  • Minimum life cycle: 500 cycles
  • Recharge time: < 5 hours
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